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CloudCommerce Inc. (CLWD) Positioned as Premier Solution Provider for Business Marketing Sector

  • CloudCommerce offers proven solutions for businesses needing assistance with marketing, data analysis and web services
  • CloudCommerce has developed and rolled out its flagship solution, SWARM, to provide help with digital marketing using advanced data analysis incorporating behavioral factors along with conventional demographic data
  • Other important subsidiaries of CloudCommerce include DataPROPIA, WebTEGRITY, Giles Design Bureau and Parscale, which also provides helpful and effective solutions for business clients

CloudCommerce Inc. (OTCQB: CLWD) has invested in the development of a suite of proven solutions for businesses needing assistance with marketing, data analysis and web services. The company also provides services such as web design, data analysis and branding, all while leveraging advanced data analysis tools and artificial intelligence.

Digital marketing is crucial in today’s market, with the majority of potential customers being online and finding their information through internet access. With so many sites from which to choose, it has become more of a problem for businesses hoping to attract and retain consumers. It is therefore a smart move for businesses across a range of industries to implement the best possible solutions when it comes to digital marketing, since this has been shown to save time and money in the long run.

CloudCommerce has recognized this trend, having designed a clever tool for marketing in the form of its flagship solution, SWARM. In July, CloudCommerce announced the rollout of SWARM. With intense competition for customers and increased marketing from a range of similar operations, it has become increasingly challenging for businesses to find effective ways to target potential customers. The difficulty is not only in knowing who to target for marketing campaigns, but also knowing how to increase interest and motivate customers. This is where SWARM comes into play.

SWARM uses a combination of artificial intelligence, behavioral analysis, market research and data analysis to assist businesses in finding their target customer pools. Past algorithms for market research and analysis relied on a small subset of factors, such as age, gender, income and race, for marketing purposes, but SWARM goes to a much deeper level by including behavioral factors as well.

The idea behind SWARM is to have and use robust datasets to give good insight into trends and potential customers in a way that is more powerful than other offerings. Knowing what customers to attract and what motivates and triggers customers to buy services and products allows a targeted approach to marketing campaigns. SWARM not only tells businesses who they should be targeting, but also what to say. In the competitive business world, knowing who to target and how to compel customers to buy is key to a success. Traditional market research tools and data only go so far. Deep data analytics using artificial intelligence is crucial in developing the best results and outcomes for each business.

SWARM also uses cluster data analysis to extract specialized information aimed at helping users effectively target customers. The data that is collected and analyzed is used to make decisions about marketing strategies and to drive success.

CloudCommerce is a company that does not offer only one solution or service; it actually owns multiple subsidiaries that provide additional services for business clients. For instance, subsidiary DataPROPIA is a data-analytics service that collects and analyzes data taken from various sources. This data can be used for modeling purposes to guide marketing campaigns. DataPROPRIA has experience in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, as well as logistics, distribution and wholesale.

The digital marketing division of CloudCommerce includes business unit Parscale Digital. This subsidiary helps business clients looking to develop effective marketing plans.

CloudCommerce’s other subsidiaries include WebTEGRITY and Giles Design Bureau. WebTEGRITY provides website services and apps to assist marketing, and Giles Design Bureau helps with the branding side of business. CloudCommerce has a set of tools and services offering effective solutions for businesses and helping to target potential customers.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.CloudCommerce.com

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to CLWD are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/CLWD

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