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180 Life Sciences Corp. Leading Research into Novel Drug Therapies Expected to Produce First Results of Phase 2b/3 Trial in 2021

  • Anti-inflammatory therapeutics market to generate revenues of $191.42 billion through 2027
  • Novel drug therapy for Fibrosis and Anti-TNF trials being conducted by Professor Sir Marc Feldmann, who already developed one of the most commonly used anti-TNF medications, Remicade
  • The number of conditions with chronic inflammation is expected to increase persistently over the next 30 years in the United States.
  • 180 Life Sciences is in the process of being acquired by KBLM Merger Corp. and the acquisition is expected to finalize in Q4 2020

Clinical-stage biotechnology company 180 Life Sciences Corp. is leading the way with research into the world’s most significant driver of disease – inflammation. Part of the body’s natural defense system by removing foreign stimuli from the body to begin the healing process, inflammation plays a significant role in a wide range of diseases and ailments, including asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, COVID-19 and more.

Inflammation within the body presents itself in two forms – acute and chronic. The World Health Organization (“WHO”) ranks chronic diseases (like a chronic inflammatory disease) as the most significant risk to human health. The conditions associated with chronic inflammation are anticipated to increase persistently over the next 30 years within the United States.

In 2014, the Rand Corporation estimated that 60% of Americans had at least one chronic condition, 42% had more than one, and 12% of adults had five or more chronic conditions. In 2000, 125 million Americans lived with chronic diseases, and 61 million had more than one (https://ibn.fm/jE8Tw).

180 Life Sciences is devoting its clinical-stage biotechnology research to producing solutions that will help health professionals battle inflammation. The company’s primary focus is to treat fibrosis and inflammation using anti-TNF therapy, which seeks to suppress the immune system by blocking the activity of TNF, a substance in the body that can cause inflammation and lead to immune-system diseases.

The company’s fibrosis and anti-TNF clinical trials (phase 2b/3) are conducted at the Kennedy Institute within Oxford University and led by Professor Jagdeep Nanchahal and Professor Sir Marc Feldmann. The first results of these trials, addressing four critical areas of inflammation – Dupuytren’s disease, frozen shoulder, post-operative cognitive deficit, and liver fibrosis and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis – are expected in 2021.

180 Life Sciences is also running two preclinical stage trials regarding chronic inflammatory pain (at the Hebrew University in Israel and led by Professor Raphael Mechoulam) and the a7nAChR nicotine receptor and its role in the body’s method of controlling inflammation (at Stanford University and led by Professor Lawrence Steinman and Dr. Jonathan Rothbard).

The company’s work addressing inflammation makes it an attractive investment, as its potential for growth is significant given the size and expansion rate of the anti-inflammatory therapeutics market. According to Allied Market Research, the anti-inflammatory drug therapy market is expected to grow to approximately $106.1 billion annually in 2020 (https://ibn.fm/iC9AZ). From 2015 to 2020, the registered CAGR would be 5.9%. According to Fortune Business Insights, the market is expected to continue growing and generating revenue of $191.42 billion through 2027 (https://ibn.fm/d9Zp4).

In addition, Professor Sir Marc Feldmann, who leads the Fibrosis & Anti-TNF trial, has already developed and marketed an anti-TNF drug (Remicade). He developed this very first anti TNF inhibitor with Dr. James Woody, who was Chief Scientific Officer at Centocor, and will serve as CEO of 180LS. Remicade was the primary driver in the $4.9 billion acquisition of Centocor by Johnson & Johnson in 1998.  Remicade was developed with the Today, Remicade remains one of the bestselling anti-TNF drugs for Johnson & Johnson. The global sales for anti-TNFs in 2016 were $36 billion.

180 Life Sciences Corp. is currently nearing the end of a merger with special purpose acquisition company KBL Merger Corp. IV (NASDAQ: KBLM), which should finalize in Q4 2020. Once the merger has been completed, 180 Life Sciences will be listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol ‘ATNF.’ At present, KBL Merger Corp. IV values 180 Life Sciences Corp. at an estimated $175 million, with the acquisition being carried out through share swapping.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.180LifeSciences.com.

NOTE TO INVESTORS: The latest news and updates relating to 180 Life Sciences are available in the company’s newsroom at http://ibn.fm/180

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