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If you’re considering a play with potential or something exciting in the works, let us know and we’ll relay it to our awesome audience of average Joes.

Plenty of websites and newsletters tell you which stocks Warren Buffet is buying, but are those plays really the ones for YOU? At Stocks to Buy Now we won’t pretend to have the same resources Mr. Buffet has, and we won’t assume you do either.

We scour the market to find opportunities for the average Trader Joe, but we also take tips from the average Joe himself. With the right information, anyone can turn an average portfolio into awesome profits.

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Relax, Robots Have it Handled

March 8, 2021

Massive opportunity ahead says CEO of Autonomous Security Robot maker Knightscope Wide ranging interview discloses vast potential in federal applications Knightscope’s state of the art ASRs provide cost effective 24/7/365 security The rise of machines has arrived. Relax, it isn’t the rise of Skynet, the malevolent neural network superintelligence system from the movie Terminator. This […]

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