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Cyberfort Software Inc. (CYBF) Protects Profiles as Global Convention Highlights Cyber Security

  • World Economic Forum, held January 22-25, highlighted cyber threats
  • Digital defenses fueling $122.45 billion cyber security market
  • CYBF continues to expand portfolio of cyber anti-hacking IP

As the World Economic Forum 2019 kicked off in Davos, Switzerland, on Tuesday January 22, 2019, cyber security loomed large on the agenda. Representatives from global technology companies tackled the thorny topic of cyber-crime, in particular how to strengthen digital defenses and protect personal profiles in the virtual world. Technology like that on offer from Cyberfort Software Inc. (OTC: CYBF) was under discussion. CYBF is on a mission to strengthen the cyber security of companies and digital end-users by acquiring valuable IP in content filtering, ad-blocking and similar defensive technologies. The tech outfit has begun to target the $122.45 billion cyber security market with its purchase of Vivio, an innovative iOS and Mac OS privacy and security application. CYBF is backing up that initiative with additional proposals to acquire Just Content, an ad-blocker.

Cyber-crime is certainly cause for concern, costing the global economy around $600 billion annually, according to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (http://ibn.fm/hqAzZ). The Forum recently released the results of a survey that identified technology-related concerns, including cyber-attacks, data fraud and the misuse of technology, as major concerns for international executives (http://ibn.fm/y4yDj). According to the Allianz Risk Barometer 2019, the most feared corporate risk across the world this coming year is cyber breaches.

Governments, as well as commercial enterprises, are at risk. Britain’s top spy, Alexander William Younger, who heads the Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6, has warned of the dangers posed by digital espionage in the brave new world created by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution.” Coined by Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, the term refers to the social and commercial changes brought about by advances in communication and connectivity technology, rather than the technologies themselves.

More connectivity means communities thousands of miles apart can now be linked in work and social settings. Yet, more connectivity also means more vulnerability. As the variety of devices, such as desktops, smartphones, smart watches, smart TVs and home control systems, on the market multiplies, there are more points of potential penetration that could allow bad guys to do bad things. CYBF is out to stop them in their tracks. Its software solutions include defenses against hacking and tracking, as well as content filtering and ad-blocking tools. The company’s suite of protections is headlined by Vivio, a pioneering ad-blocking app for iPhone, iPad and Mac (http://ibn.fm/7df1X).

At present, the iOS 10 incarnation of Vivio has been downloaded over 10,000 times, as it endeavors to make web browsing better, faster and more satisfying. Vivio filters content and blocks ads and tracking software. The app also saves data traffic by up to 38 percent, reduces load by 58 percent and enables 30 percent faster browsing, all of which save battery life. Continuous updates are delivered via an intellectual property-protected, cloud-based autonomous engine with ad-blocking tracker and malware detection filters. The company plans to offer a version expressly designed for businesses. The Vivio enterprise suite is expected to include a range of privacy-centric, data/bandwidth optimizations and permission-based controls for companies looking to ensure the safety of devices used by their employees.

Additionally, Cyberfort is in discussions to acquire Just Content Software, a multi-functional ad-blocking app that’s currently available on iTunes (http://ibn.fm/yerjN). The app is designed to safeguard families and businesses, among others, from unsafe links, adult content, phishing sites and inflammatory hate speech found on the internet using its proprietary “Home Safe Filter” and “Business Filter” products. Just Content v3 now supports 250,000 blocking rules, according to company data.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.CyberfortSoftware.com

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