MedSmart Group Inc. (OTC: MSGP)

MedSmart Group Inc. (OTC: MSGP) is an investment company. On July 27, 2021, MedSmart announced it has agreed to acquire Milanion Ltd., a leading developer of disruptive autonomous and robotic solutions. The company further announced its appointment of Davinder Dogra, CEO of Milanion, as its new president. Through this acquisition, MedSmart will move forward with an aggressive roadmap to carve a share of the exponential growth in autonomous and robotic electric vehicle technologies utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) innovations.

Milanion Ltd.

Milanion Ltd. is an integrated defense and security technology company that designs and manufactures advanced defense equipment and systems engineered to provide sophisticated capability solutions in the autonomous and robotic sector. By leveraging the latest AI technologies, the company creates effective, battle-ready systems designed for the most demanding missions, providing superior flexibility, scalability, and reliability in land, marine and air use cases.

Milanion’s strategy focuses on identifying and acquiring best-in-class technologies to enhance and expand its current offerings while advancing in-house development to expand its product range. These initiatives position the company to take advantage of the expanding defense and civilian markets for robotic and autonomous technology systems and solutions.

Milanion is also expanding into public and commercial sectors in markets around the world. Its current and potential commercial applications and markets include roads and infrastructure, oil and gas, power and utilities, security, fire and rescue, mining, and agriculture. Guided by a corporate culture of decentralization, Milanion works with end-user partners, utilizing its capabilities, authority, and flexibility to respond quickly to changing market conditions and deliver tailored solutions based on local preferences.

Milanion’s product portfolio has been developed by working in consultation with and gaining feedback from end-users to augment and transform team and mission capabilities to make informed decisions, increase safety and productivity, and expand reach and access. The platforms can be built from the ground up as bespoke solutions or as conversions of existing platforms for use in a range of public and commercial sectors.


Milanion’s AGEMA is a modular, multi-mission unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed to support infantry and special forces units operating in both mounted and dismounted roles. The AGEMA is a proven platform that has been tested to perform in a range of environments, including extreme desert temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius. With rugged construction and amphibious capabilities, it can operate in a variety of challenging off-road environments, including muddy swamps, river and streams, and dense jungle.

The flexible UGV can be programmed to follow other vehicles as part of a convoy, follow troops at a specified distance, or lead a group of soldiers as a reconnaissance and force projection capability. This versatility makes the AGEMA ideal for providing actionable intelligence and offensive capability while keeping personnel out of harm’s way.

With the ability to be equipped with a variety of payloads and technologies to support a wide array of mission profiles, the AGEMA UGV is suitable for a range of mission roles, including:

  • Fire Support and Remote Weapons Stations – The AGEMA can be equipped with a variety of remotely controlled weapons systems, such as anti-tank missiles.
  • Load Carrying – The powerful UGV can ease the burden of troops by carrying ammunition, rations, heavy weapons, radio equipment, and more.
  • Communications Support – The AGEMA can aid in the deployment and recovery of remote communications systems and infrastructure.
  • Medical Support – The vehicle can serve as a mini-mobile theater or perform casualty evacuation operations.
  • Route Clearance – The AGEMA can be fitted with ground-penetrating radar, explosive and ordnance chemical detector sensors, and other equipment that allows IED and route clearance patrols to be conducted without endangering personnel.
  • Surveillance and Monitoring – A wide variety of cameras and imaging payloads can be fitted to the AGEMA to aid in ISR, mapping, search and rescue, and other missions where enhanced situational awareness is of paramount importance.
  • Drone Launch and Support – Fixed-wing drones can be skid-launched from the AGEMA, and the platform can also support persistent rotary drone operations via a tethered system.

This modularity uniquely positions the AGEMA to provide assistance across a number of mission support sectors, including:

  • Defense
  • Civil Defense
  • Oil & Gas
  • Prisons and Refugee Camps

USV Conversions

The unmanned surface vessel (USV) market is mature and expanding, with such vessels taking part in operations across the globe. Supporting a range of missions, USVs are used for port security, transatlantic and transpacific marine surveys, defense and security applications, river and stream conservation study and exploration for oil and gas.

Owing to changing regulation and rapidly advancing technology, Milanion has experienced a trend in recent times of clients favoring USV conversions rather than purpose built unmanned vessels. Milanion’s experience with USV conversions offers a number of benefits to its client base, such as:

  • The ability to continue using existing assets without any compromising of the original manned operation capabilities
  • Avoidance of additional maintenance training or required expansion of logistics and support, since the converted USVs maintain the same operating characteristics of the existing fleet.
  • The option for clients to scale capabilities and upgrade equipment overtime by leveraging the “plug and play” functionality of Milanion’s operating system.
  • Vehicle conversion can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks, greatly outpacing the commissioning of new vessels while offering substantial cost savings.

With Milanion’s autonomous technology, almost any vessel can be converted into a USV. Users can remotely upload and manage mission plans and waypoints and control throttle and steering, as well as third-party sensors and systems.

Industry and Market Outlook

The global robotics and autonomous systems market of the defense sector is estimated to reach $26.13 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 20.75% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025, according to data from BIS Research. The entire market for such products is forecast to be $66.9 billion, with the industrial sector accounting for the lion’s share, as detailed in MedSmart’s July 27, 2021, news release.

Milanion is focusing development to aggressively service that demand and will employ its technology to be a sector leader. Its strategy focuses on continued product development and pursuit of accretive acquisitions, coupled with an increased global sales footprint.

With a regimented mandate to deliver on promises made – on time and within budget – Milanion CEO Davinder Dogra leads an efficient and effective operation with a dynamic management team, bringing decades of industry experience in the global development and sales of defense systems. The company is focused on growing Milanion’s land, marine, and AI divisions and making inroads into the industrial and commercial sectors.


Davinder Dogra is the President and CEO of Milanion. He has decades of working knowledge, experience, and expertise building successful businesses from the ground up, servicing global defense sector markets in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Mr. Dogra founded and became Chief Executive Officer of integrated defense and security company Milanion Group in late 2019. Under his vision, leadership, and strategic guidance, Milanion has evolved from humble beginnings to establishing a global presence and becoming a leader specializing in the design, development and manufacture of effective, affordable unmanned autonomous platforms and systems based on advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology.

In a time of evolving security threats and global interdependence, Mr. Dogra has established himself as an indispensable asset with an unrivalled global pedigree based on practical, working knowledge and insight, with a focus on delivering operationally relevant capabilities and results-oriented solutions to global defense markets. He has become the primary resource to customers through strategic insight, a solution-oriented collaborative approach and a deep understanding of the needs and complexities of the industry on a local, national, and international level. Ultimately, his efforts are aimed at empowering government organizations and private entities to protect borders, communities, and lives.

Over the course of two decades, Mr. Dogra has built his presence and reputation in the global defense industry as a trustworthy, reliable, and forward-thinking asset, providing access to innovation, efficiencies, and agility. With a focus on delivering operationally relevant capabilities and results-oriented solutions to global markets, his business achievements include a partnership with Eastern Europe’s largest defense equipment manufacturing conglomerate.

Prior to working in the defense industry, Mr. Dogra spent over two decades building businesses from the ground up to become leaders in their field – most notably, a leading Corporate and Government Affairs company providing strategic business intelligence, insight and advocacy for organizations looking to enter the Indian and other emerging markets around the globe. The business achieved recognition as one of India’s top corporate and government affairs service providers, becoming the first port of call for Fortune 500 businesses, SMEs and foreign government departments looking to do business in India.

Mr. Dogra’s career achievement highlights include:

  • Integral part of UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) delegations at the forefront of opening business ties with India at the start of India’s business liberalization phase.
  • Senior Director at Albright Stonebridge Group, a leading Washington DC-based corporate & government affairs group headed by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, former National Security Advisor Samuel R. “Sandy” Berger and former Senator Warren Rudman.
  • Accompanied U.S. President Clinton as part of a business delegation promoting stronger links between the U.S. and India.
  • Original founding, board and charter member of international networking and business start-up organization launched in the UK – Tie UK.
  • Founded and attained the premier position for a consultancy delivering solutions to defense and security related issues faced by international companies in India.
  • Lead the successful domestic and international expansion as director of India’s leading coach, bus and components manufacturer.
  • Established numerous successful international start-ups and joint ventures in a broad spectrum of industries, including defense, security, mineral resources and real estate.


Investment Considerations
  • On July 27, 2021, investment firm MedSmart Group Inc. agreed to acquire Milanion Ltd. and appointed its CEO, Davinder Dogra, to the role of president.
  • Milanion is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy leveraging its market leadership in the design, development, and manufacture of autonomous technology systems for defense, civil defense, security, fire and rescue, mining, agriculture, and other commercial markets.
  • Milanion’s global presence has been fueled by strategic foresight and investments in management, sales, engineering, and manufacturing infrastructure in the Middle East and Europe.
  • The company is focused on identifying and acquiring best-of-breed technologies to enhance its current offerings; it is also investing in further in-house development to expand its product range, taking advantage of the ever-expanding defense and commercial market for robotic and autonomous technology systems and solutions.
  • Demand for autonomous unmanned systems and platforms is showing strong growth, driven by the changing role of modern warfare, the recognition of the efficiency and productivity benefits of IoT, AI and robotics, the development of increasingly intelligent platforms and the disruptive market entry of agile companies like Milanion.
  • Milanion is expanding into public and commercial sectors in markets around the world; current and potential commercial applications and markets include roads and infrastructure, oil and gas, power and utilities, security, fire and rescue, mining, and agriculture.
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